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Noosa Village River Resort

Noosa Village River Resort is located on the beautiful Noosa River and is one of the Sunshine Coast’s most popular resorts and is known as Noosa’s family favourite resort.

Noosa Village River Resort offers affordable holiday accommodation here in Noosa. Close to the water, shops, restaurants and activities, Noosa Village River Resort is a popular place to stay.

Offering one and two bedroom townhouses that are fully equipped with kitchens, private balconies, televisions and internet connections, the townhouses are a good place to escape and enjoy a holiday.

The resort offers many facilities and is very well known for having accommodation warmest winter pool at a temperature of 30 degrees and having other facilities such as interaction with bird feeding at 4:30pm daily, wireless internet connections, a spa and sauna, full-size tennis court, covered BBQ areas, tropical gardens and shaded walkways.

Noosa Village River Resort offers some great deals and specials with the rates being at a reasonable place. There are special rates currently in the low season for extended stays or for an upcoming holiday.

Why not experience what the Resorts have to offer by staying on the Noosa River at the Noosa Village River Resort with great specials and rates currently available.

Noosa have a variety of Noosa accommodation including Noosa hotels and Noosa resorts to suit your tastes and budget.

Noosa has a lot to offer; beautiful beaches, luxury accommodation, world class restaurants and shopping centers and resorts makes its one of the most sought after holiday destinations.

Bali – Where To Stay in Seminyak and What To Do

The coastal village of Seminyak is located just north of the Kuta and Legian Districts on the tourist coast of the beautiful island of Bali. In its entirety Bali is the epitome of paradise. The tiny Indonesian island has grown a reputation for high-end tourism over recent decades and is now considered one of the world’s ‘Hotspots’ for resort retreat tourism. It’s pretty unclear where each of the coastal villages spanning from Tuban in the south to Seminyak in the north begin and end. These days with so much development as a result of the tourism boom in Bali it is difficult to distinctly separate each of the localized areas as they tend to blend into one another. Regular visitors to Bali however can easily define each one of the village zones as they have a distinct character and flavor that attracts the hordes of tourists for vastly different reasons.

Tourism started to discover the village of Seminyak when Kuta beach rapidly became overcrowded with numerous hotels, restaurants and hundreds of small shops. Development in Seminyak has taken a vastly different approach to what took place in the earlier developed areas of Kuta and Legian. Focus has been more directed toward boutique style accommodation, shopping and dining. It has become the area of choice for the more discerning traveler looking for a higher level of refinement in the overall holiday experience. Apart from the tourism aspect Seminyak has become the location of choice for the expat population of whom the numbers are growing as more and more ‘Westerners’ choose to ‘set up camp’ in Bali on a permanent basis. The lifestyle is idyllic for so many reasons including the climate, cost of living, quality accommodation, the magnificent coastal environment and so much more. For many Australian’s it is not unreasonable to be living 6 months of the year at home and the other 6 months in Bali.

I personally know several people who have been doing this successfully for many years. As a tourist Seminyak attracts me for a number of reasons that combined create the perfect relaxation holiday experience. The five key elements include high quality accommodation facilities, superb dining options, an abundance of spa and wellness centers, magnificent beaches and fabulous boutique shopping. All of theses are essential ingredients for the perfect relaxation and indulgence holiday. So what does Seminyak specifically have to offer you may ask? The following lists are just a sample of the options available in each of the above categories. I have suggested these five particular venues in each category because I have had first hand experience and can comfortably recommend each and every one to you if you are considering a trip to Bali.


  1. Disini Villas (1 bedroom Private Villas with pools)
  2. Kanishka Villas (1 & 2 bedroom Private Villas with pools)
  3. Anantara Resort (1 & 2 bedroom Private Villas with pools)
  4. Cicada Luxury Private Townhouses (1 & 2 bedroom Luxury Townhouses with pools)
  5. Villa Laksmana (1 to 5 bedroom Luxury Private Villas with pools)


  1. Ultimo Restaurant (Italian cuisine and my personal favorite)
  2. Ku De Ta Restaurant (Western Fusion cuisine/ Amazing location)
  3. Breeze Restaurant at the Samaya Villas/Hotel (Western Fusion/ Amazing location)
  4. Made’s Warung (Indonesian traditional cuisine)
  5. The Living Room (Various Fusion cuisine)

Spa & Wellness Centers:

  1. Jari Menari (Highly recommended but make sure you book ahead)
  2. Chill (Unusual experience but worth it)
  3. Bodyworks Day Spa (Traditional service/ Again, book ahead)
  4. Espace Spa (Fabulous setting)
  5. Zensation (Wonderful ambiance)


  1. Kuta Beach (Busy but fun/great surf on its day)
  2. Legian Beach (Quieter than Kuta)
  3. Seminyak Beach (Much the same as Legian)
  4. Canggu Beach (In the North/ Very peaceful)
  5. Loivina Beach (A real attraction on its own)

Boutique Shopping:

  1. Uma & Leopold (Women’s high-end fashion)
  2. Biasa (Men’s & Women’s fashion)
  3. Bali Deli (Up-market gourmet food & condiments)
  4. Uluwatu Lace (Women’s fashion)
  5. Renegade Republic (Modern Fashion)

It is such a difficult task limiting myself to just five options in each category. Realistically there could be 20 or 30 options for each but for the purpose of the article alone this gives you a head start and a very basic idea of what is out there waiting for you. If you’re contemplating a trip to South-East Asia then Bali has to be at the top of the list, and Seminyak the ultimate destination. As always I wish you the most enjoyable travels.

Hotel Masterpieces Of A Design Spirit

The basic function of a hotel is to offer lodging for the night and food, if possible, to a traveler, but there are hotels that represent more than that- they became veritable art creations. The Forbes magazine published the list of world’s best “design” hotels.

Marques de Riscal (Rioho, Spain)

This is a 43 room hotel, situated in the wine producing region of Spain, and was created according to the project of the architect Frank Gary (the author of Guggenheim Museum in Balboa).

The roof of the hotel is decorated with pink, silver and golden plates. Its interior executed in beige and golden tones outlines due to minimalism, and the two wings of the building are connected by a glass passing.

Winvian (Lchilfield hills, Connecticut, USA)

This hotel occupies an area of 113 acres, where 18 thematic cottages, created by 15 different architects, are situated. One of the most unusual cottages is named”The helicopter”. There even is a helicopter in it (35 feet long and 17000 pounds in weight), that was used for the shooting of “Top Gun”. There is a wooden tree house at the altitude of 35 feet for the kids.

The Keating (San-Diego California, USA)

The Pininfarnia Company that is in charge of the appearance of Ferrari’s and Maserati’s cars was dealing with the design of this hotel. The singularity of this hotel begins with its hall with red lacquered walls and high ceiling. In the hotel there are 35 rooms with red brick walls, round windows, plasma TV sets and electronics form Bang & Olufsen.

Inn at price Tower (Bartlesville Oklahoma, USA)

The design of this hotel’s room 21 was created according to the project of Wendy Evan Joseph, the architect of Holocaust Museum in Washington (Columbia district). The 7floor building itself made of concrete and coppers is the creation of the famous Frank Lloyd Right- the person who influenced the most the development of western architecture during first half of XX century. There are windows as big as the walls and furniture with copper pieces in every room.

Faena Hotel and Universe (Buenos-Aires, Argentina)

A granary in past, nowadays this building turn into a hotel (the project of Fillip Stark and the fashionable Argentinean designer Allan Faen). Its entrance is framed by a curtain, behind which the El Bistro restaurant and the drawing room, decorated with antic lamps, are located. Among the elements of 110 rooms’ design are the red velvet pillows, velvet curtains and XIXth century chandeliers.

Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa (Napa Valley, California, USA)

This hotel, created by Mickey Meningom, amazes immediately – its entrance is decorated by an unusual writhed steel canopy. Gaia Napa Valley Hotel & Spa is na eco-hotel and its name is translated from Greek as “mother land”. There are 133 rooms in the hotel with internet connection, cable television, a fridge and a microwave. The hotel is located in the Napa village, well-known fro its vineyards.

New Majestic Hotel (Singapore)

Entering the lobby of the hotel, the guests see the absolutely white walls, the spiral Compton fans and the ceiling covered with cooper. Local painters were dealing with the design of the 30 rooms. In some of them there is a bath right in the center and the beds are suspended to the ceiling. The atmosphere is completed by the old-fashion furniture made of pop-art fresco. The hotel is situated in Chinatown that is the historical region of Singapore.

The Setai (Miami, Florida)

Created by a Malaysian architect- Jan Michel Gati , this hotel that is located on the coast embodies the Shanghai style of Ar Deco. The hotel’s facade is absolutely white, but inside the guests may see all the shades of grey, black columns with bronze mosaic and the floor made of Shanghai marble.
There are 125 rooms with a bathroom and teak floor. The Hotel’s inner yard is sloshed by the orange color.

Granados 83(Barcelona, Spain)

This avanguard Hotel was created for the adventure’s amateurs and the fans of good cuisine. It occupies the former building of a hospital. The original columns are covered with steel, red marble, glass and iron. White and black rock tiles were used for the floor. Such materials as leather, brick and marble were used for furnishing the 77 rooms. The furniture is covered with a fluorescent iron casing.